U.S.E. Trio

Sideways Circle LIVE (LabelWhoAble)

U.S.E. Trio (Andrew Urbina, Matt Scarano, and Sandy Eldred) started playing together in 2017. Their instant affinity for improvising together over unique, and sometimes completely improvised, musical forms is what propelled their project. Each member contributes compositions to the bands ever-growing repertory. The trios first two albums, “Sideways Circle” & “Sideways Circle LIVE” are now available on LabelWhoAble.

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Andrew Urbina - saxophone
Matt Scarano - drums
Sandy Eldred - bass

Track Listing

  1. Improvisation I - Overture (LIVE)
  2. Features of a Forgotten Face (LIVE)
  3. Groove Suelto (LIVE)
  4. One Zero Nine (LIVE)
  5. Minor Major (LIVE)
  6. Improvisation II - Entr'acte (LIVE)
  7. Another Thing to Get Into (LIVE)
  8. Stops (LIVE)
  9. That Story About You (LIVE)
  10. M.O. (LIVE)
  11. What Did You Think ? (LIVE)

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