SGJAZZ Vol. 2 (Melting Pot Music)

SGJAZZ is a jazz/soul band from Louisville, Kentucky led by internationally acclaimed producer Dr. Dundiff, a heavyweight on the instrumental beats/lofi scene. SG stands for supergroup. The quintet plays jazz with a hip-hop state of mind. Classically trained jazz musicians jamming with certifies rap cats. With their new project „SGJAZZ Vol. 2“, they are putting their idea of forward thinking and headstrong jazz into action without neglecting the groove.

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Idris Frederick: Keys
Patrick Denney: Bass
Anthony Keenan: Guitar
Noah Reed: Horns
Dr. Dundiff: Drums & Production

Track Listing

  1. 1. First Sunrise (Intro)
  2. 2. Not So Modern Times
  3. 3. Inside Out
  4. 4. Choose Some Field
  5. 5. Practice (feat. Down To Mars)
  6. 6. Homecoming
  7. 7. Moonlite
  8. 8. Fork In The Rhodes
  9. 9. Light Years
  10. 10. Night Swim
  11. 11. 10 Toes on Tenth Street

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