MaryLynn Gillaspie

Secret Language (independent)

MaryLynn was a founding member of the Grammy nominated vocal jazz group, Rare Silk. Their very first album, ’New Weave’, flew to the top of the Billboard Jazz charts and received 2 Grammy nominations. She returned to singing after 25 years in a career of photography and raising a family.
‘Secret Language’ is designed with the idea of ‘active listening’, much like when you put an album on the turntable and listen from beginning to end. It is sprinkled with ‘miniatures’ in between full-length tunes. Think: sorbet between courses at an engaging dinner!

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MaryLynn Gillaspie - vocals
Kip Kuepper - producer/bass/orchestration/keys
Jim Ridl - piano
Alex Heffron - guitar
Gonzalo Teppa - bass
Andy Wheelock - drums
Ike Spivak - sax
Greg Harris - vibes
Gabriel Mervine - trumpet
Mitch Chmara - guitar solo
Doug Roche - piano solo
Michael Schuller - guitar solo

Track Listing

  1. Can It Be Done
  2. Vivo Sonhando
  3. Matte Kudasai
  4. All The Things You Are
  5. Dolphin Dance (Secret Language)
  6. (It’s Just) Talk
  7. Orange Blossoms In Summertime
  8. Can We Pretend
  9. Venusian Cafe
  10. Skippy’s Dream (‘Hypnagogia’)
  11. Wherever You Are
  12. Detour Ahead
  13. If We Could Change
  14. Fly Me To The Moon

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