Ryan Marquez

SAINT UNITY (Lotown Records)

Ryan Marquez is a keyboardist, producer, songwriter/arranger, and vocalist baptized in pop, indoctrinated by jazz and raised in hip-hop culture His performances launch audiences on a synthesized ride through luscious harmony and beautiful melody Ryan’s recording and performance credits include Grammy winning and nominated artists such as Chance The Rapper, Terence Blanchard, Michael McDonald, Kirk Whalum, Ernie Isley and more His original music has been featured on ESPN and FOX networks His music crosses over multiple genres and styles intentionally to create a diverse musical ecosystem, with a message of love and unity.

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Produced by Carl Nappa, Lenny Mink, Ryan Marquez
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Carl Nappa
Ryan Marquez : Piano, Keyboards, Organ and Vocals
Tim Moore : Drums
Theo Harden : Bass
Vocalists : Anita Jackson, Erin Bode, Lola Kristine, Janet Evra, Paige Alyssa,
Chrissy Renick (Sample Kulture)
Guitars : Drew Mantia, Will Buchanan, Matt Rowland, Adam Hansbrough
Horns : Dawn Weber, Matt McKeever, Scooter Brown Jr., Ben Reece, Lamar Harris, Kendrick
Percussion : Duane “Jingo” Williams

Track Listing

  1. All Mixed Up - 311 cover - (feat. Anita Jackson & Lamar Harris)
  2. Transcendental Time (feat. Erin Bode & Scooter Brown)
  3. All Mixed Up (feat. Anita Jackson & Lamar Harris)
  4. Freedom’s Theme (feat. Janet Evra)
  5. Fountain Of Youth (feat. Lola Kristine)
  6. Just A Girl - No Dount cover - (feat. Chrissy Renick & Paige Alyssa)
  7. Octopus’s Garden - Beatles cover - (feat. Janet Evra)
  8. Anything You Like (feat. Erin Bode)
  9. Serenity (feat. Anita Jackson & Dawn Weber)
  10. Everlong - Foo Fighters cover - (feat. Lola Kristine & Matt Rowland)
  11. When You Love Somebody (feat. Chrissy Renick & Kendrick Smith)
  12. Tonight Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins cover - (feat. Paige Alyssa)

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