Cindy Latin

Running Out of Love (Independent)

New York native Cindy Latin is a songwriter, artist, arranger, and producer, living in the space between R&B and Jazz. Her music is influenced by artists ranging from Stevie Wonder to Erykah Badu to John Coltrane. She has a wide range of vocal styles, from crooning soul to more lavish, almost vaudevilesque musical theater.

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Songwriting, Orchestration, Vocals, Production, Mix, and Video Edit: Cindy Latin

Recording Engineer: John Kilgore

Alto Sax 1: Jordan Pettay
Alto Sax 2: Alex Ramirez
Tenor Sax 1: Sam Dillon
Tenor Sax 2: Santosh Sharma
Bari Sax: Andrew Hadro

Trumpet 1 (Soloist): Kai Sandoval
Trumpet 2: Jonny Gittings
Trumpet 3: Andrija Gavrilovic
Trumpet 4: Max Boiko

Trombone 1: Elliot Alexander Brown
Trombone 2: Dean Scarlett
Trombone 3: Jasmine Sloane
Bass Trombone: Becca Patterson

Electric Guitar: François Chanvallon
Piano (Soloist): David Zheng
Bass: Alan “Speedy” Peralta
Drums: Kelvin Andreas

Mastering: Steph Bayes
Videography: Angel Irizarry Almonte
Artwork: Photo by Annie Spratt, Edit by Cindy Latin

Track Listing

  1. Single - Running Out of Love

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz