Yoni Mayraz

Rough Cuts (no label)

Yoni Mayraz is a pianist, composer and producer based in Tel Aviv.
Equipped with a fresh approach to instrumental music, and nourished by the Middle Eastern heat, Yoni produces both rugged live beats with a dense vibe, and airy lyrical piano melodies.
Sticky pavements and crumbling buildings are functioning as an urbanic workspace, being revived on stage and capturing raw energy.
Sitting on scaffolding of jazz ,oriental grooves ,90’s hip hop tunes and even garage, Yoni’s music is a modern sound perspective on the big city hustle.

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Yoni Mayraz

Track Listing

  1. Not for Press (ft. Godel Pierce)
  2. Ram Don
  3. I Used to Think About God
  4. Côte d'Ivoire
  5. HEAT

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