Delia Tesileanu

Revolutions (Légère Recordings)

“Band on the rise.” Larry Mizell

With the release of their first two albums and live shows supporting Snarky Puppy, Roy Ayers, Marcus Miller, Larry Mizell & the Blackbyrds, Butcher Brown, Yellowjackets and more, Resolution 88 have already established themselves as one of the UK’s leading exponents of funk jazz. Their music is synonymous with the silky, buttery sound of the Fender Rhodes.

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Tom O’Grady - 1975 Rhodes suitcase mk1, Hohner Clavinet D6, Bechstein Grand Piano, Solina String Ensemble, Wurlitzer 200a, Dave Smith Instruments OB6, Yamaha Bb & F Trombone, Whistling
Ric Elsworth - Drums
Alex Hitchcock - Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor, D'Addario Select Jazz 3S reeds (unfiled), Shape Your Own Sound 9* mouthpiece, Ishimori Wood Stone Traditional Jazz 8* mouthpiece, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Tiago Coimbra - 1978 Fender jazz bass, Warwick Infinity 5 string bass, Anaconda Ultra J4E-elite bass, Mark Bass amps and Ampeg B15
Oli Blake - Percussion, samples and effects

Other performers:
Marcus Tenney - Vocals (‘Dig Deep’)
Vanessa Haynes - Whistling (‘Warped Memories’)
Samuel Ewens - Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Tadasuke Iijima - Violin
Elona Laurie - Violin
Zami Jalil - Viola
Miriam Wakeling - Cello

Track Listing

  1. Pitching Up
  2. Out Of Sync
  3. Revolutions
  4. Runout Groove
  5. Sample Hunter
  6. Dig Deep
  7. Matrix
  8. Tracking Force
  9. Warped Memories

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