Nick Rousseau

Rest/Unrest (Independent)

Nick Rousseau is a Brooklyn based guitarist and composer He likes to share thought provoking and emotionally compelling music with whomever he can. He’s greatly influenced by musicians across many genres, and whenever he plays he brings all of his influences to the table and creates music that’s honest, while bringing out the parts he loves. He enjoys harmonic complexities and polyrhythmic feels, but also lyrical melodies and simple ideas.

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Alex Sipiagin - Trumpet (Track 1)
Nick Rousseau - Guitar and Compositions
Carlin Lee - Piano
Sean Hannon - Bass
Anton Kot - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Rest/Unrest
  2. Lucid Awakening
  3. Let Their Voices Sing
  4. Deassurance
  5. Soul Harvest
  6. Reconstruction
  7. Fall/Rebuild
  8. Solemn

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