Colin Fisher

Reflections of the Invisible World (Halocline Trance)

Colin Fisher has been a major and unique presence in the Canadian music community for the past twenty years—particularly among more experimental circles. An alumnus of imprints like Astral Spirits, Tombed Visions, and John Zorn’s Tzadik, Fisher is also a member of the psychedelic improvised music duo Not The Wind, Not The Flag with drummer Brandon Valdivia. He’s also a regular collaborator of dance music auteur Caribou. “Reflections of the Invisible World” sets aside more raucous virtuosic approaches, instead offering introspective solos at the intersection of holographic jazz and organic ambience.

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Composed and performed by Colin Fisher on guitar, saxophone, and electronics.
Produced by Jeremy Greenspan
Additional engineering by Trevor Turple and Greg Jones
Mastered by Jeremy Greenspan and David Psutka at Barton Building Studio
Photography by Ilyse Krivel
Design by Olenka Szymonski

Track Listing

  1. 1. Zero Experience
  2. 2. Salient Charm
  3. 3. Monadic Mirror
  4. 4. Double Image
  5. 5. Coalescence
  6. 6. Unchanging Awareness
  7. 7. Sanctum

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