The Sencalar/Glassman Quintet

Realization (D- Clef Records)

The Sencalar/Glassman Quintet is comprised of co-leaders Altin Sencalar and Chris Glassman. The group has appeared at the Lansing Jazz Festival, Detroit Jazz Festival, The University of North Texas as guests artists, Ohio State University as guests artist, and the 2020 Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival Paul Carr’s Discovery act winners. They will also be at the 2020 American Trombone Workshop as guest artists and were recently named the 2020 “Artists in Residence” for Jazz Institute at Brevard. The Quintet is releasing their debut album “Realization” on D-Clef Records in January of 2020.

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Altin Sencalar- Trombone
Chris Glassman- Bass Trombone
Nathan Borton- Guitar
Addison Frei- Piano
Rodney Whitaker- Bass
Zach Adelman- Drums
Michael Dease- Producer, Guest Artist

Track Listing

  1. D is for Dastardly- Comp: Chris Glassman (Features Michael Dease)
  2. In You Own Head: Comp: Altin Sencalar
  3. Impressions- Comp: John Coltrane ARR: Addison Frei
  4. When Reality Sets in- Comp: Altin Sencalar
  5. Nobody Else But Me- ARR: Randy Napoleon
  6. It's No Wonder- Comp: Chris Glassman
  7. What Was Good is Good: Comp: Altin Sencalar
  8. The Maze: Comp: Herbie Hancock, ARR: Steve Davis
  9. The Big D: Comp: Michale Dease
  10. Shortcake: JJ Johnson ARR: Jason Hainsworth
  11. Realization: Comp: Chris Glassman Arr: Joseph Herbst

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