giotto roussies sextett

reaching for the intangible (klaengrecords)

The pianist Giotto Roussies half French, half Austrian, was born and raised in a community of artists in Vienna As a child he travelled a lot through Europe before receiving his jazz education in Portugal by a Jazz Master Educator named Ze Eduardo and beginning his career as a pianist at the early age of 14 Even before his studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, he toured Europe with the Baby Jazz Band, for whom he also worked as a composer and arranger.

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Giotto Roussies-Piano/Composition
David Helm-Bass
Ramon Keck-Drums
Elisabeth Coudoux-Viloncello
Heiko Bidmon Bass-Clarinet
Lennart Schnitzler-Trumpet

Track Listing

  1. Odyssee der Zweifel 04:19
  2. Be Happy 02:12
  3. Suelze 06:57
  4. Walze 03:59
  5. A Monster's Lullaby 05:57
  6. I'm in Love 04:26
  7. Monolg 05:26
  8. Sweet Poem for the Night 04:38
  9. All Ende ist Labe 07:17
  10. The True Call (Suite): The Call 00:51
  11. The True Call (Suite): Bjumpy 01:28
  12. The True Call (Suite): Trauer 02:30
  13. The True Call (Suite): Quakos Begräbnis 04:19
  14. The True Call (Suite): Transition 01:05
  15. The True Call (Suite): Bluesy Shout 01:55
  16. The True Call (Suite): Cosmic Ending 02:48

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