Matt Richards

Power Trio Project (Fingermusic)

Guitarist Matt Richards often finds his music in categories other than jazz. On solo acoustic guitar he brings jazz, world and classical influences together to craft his own very unique musical identity. With his Power Trio Project he explores ‘electric jazz’. He investigates a wealth of ideas beyond the guitar through his composing and musical production work. It may seem that Matt’s elusive musical profile has distanced him from recognition — in fact, he has earned an international following as well as unsolicited recognition from acclaimed musical artists including Larry Coryell, Eric Johnson and Pierre Bensusan.

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Matt Richards - guitars
Tony Donato - bass guitar
Paul Albrecht - drums

Track Listing

  1. Spinning Wheel
  2. Tightwalk (live)
  3. Sunshine Superman
  4. Maiden Voyage
  5. Tin Tin Deo
  6. Foreplay
  7. Tightwalk (studio)
  8. How Many Times Will We Say Goodbye?

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz