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Pour Me A Grog: The Funana Revolt in 1990s Cabo Verde / Various Artists (Ostinato Records)

This compilation curates eight tracks from a short period in the late ‘90s when cherished pioneers, who risked everything to give their proud culture a sound, were finally put in recording studios; an album in itself a revolt in favor of the music of the most marginalized and once deliberately silenced.

“Fine, fiery, furious music” — BBC Radio 3

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Compiled & Curated by Vik Sohonie & Olav Aalberg
Mastering & Lacquer by The Carvery
Design by Pete 'Piwi' White
Gatefold illustration by Lauren O’Neill
Special thanks to Danilo Tavares, Glaucia Nogueria, Alexandre Tondina & Wilson Vilares

Track Listing

  1. Ferro Gaita - Rei di Tabanka 04:39
  2. Etalvinho Preta - Mulato Ferrera 03:47
  3. Tchota Suari e Chando Graciosa - Nha Boi 06:21
  4. Avelino e Orlando Pantera - Nha Lutcha 05:22
  5. Peps Love - Pom Um Grogu 06:30
  6. Bitori e Fefé di Calbicera - Mô Na Máma 04:32
  7. Orlando Pantera - Rabidanti 05:01
  8. Fefé di Calbicera - Tra Tchapéu 04:19

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