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Pleasure is the Measure (Teus Nobel Music)

Already during his early years at the Codarts University for the Arts (Rotterdam), trumpeter Teus Nobel toured all over Europe with the Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation They played in clubs an festivals in a o Italy, Germany, Poland, Czechia and Russia and received international praise for their album “Motif Loco” (2007) A period in which Teus also became an in-demand player in the commercial music scene, playing over 600 shows of theater- and musical productions like. In 2010, Teus joined the dutch Royal Airforce Orchestra as their jazz soloist Together with the

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On album Pleasure Is The Measure, recorded live, Teus presents his vision on the arts & culture industry. In his opinion, the idea that 'culture should be for everyone' contains the risk that arts & culture makers will just create with public opinion in mind. If you take music for example, music gains enormous eloquence when it is authentic; when it reflects the inspiration and especially the pleasure of the artist. It’s just then when the heart of the public will be reached and inspired. So, as the title implies: pleasure is the measure!
Teus’ view resulted in a number of beautiful compositions, such as “Merino”, “Comboio” and “Bobbypump”, in which exactly is displayed by the Teus Nobel | Liberty Group what makes them unique – the musical freedom to turn a composition completely upside down at any desired moment. The composition “Wabi Sabi” is a striking example of this. Wabi Sabi is the Japanese expression for the ability to see beauty in imperfection. As a soloist, Teus deliberately rubs the edges of the harmonic possibilities during this composition, thereby challenging his fellow musicians to the max. All this comes with the fire and urgency of a live recording in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Track Listing

  1. Wabi Sabi
  2. Merino
  3. Bobbypump
  4. The New Prehistoric Spacemonster Gamogedora
  5. Comboio
  6. In Fruit
  7. Journey Of Man

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