Tim Chernikoff

Pieces of Sanity (Self-Released)

Jazz pianist and composer Tim Chernikoff has been making his mark in the New York jazz scene with a style that has stood out to musicians and listeners alike. His approach to music has been to find his own musical identity through dialogue with the jazz traditions of bebop and swing while exploring personal connections to the music, through a process of purposeful discovery on the piano and composition. His works expand upon the progressive pallet of jazz to express ideas and personal revelations, and their artistic sparks are further illuminated through his collaborative ventures.

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Tim Chernikoff, Piano
Jakob Dreyer, Bass
Kenneth Salters, Drums

Track Listing

  1. 1. Before You Ask
  2. 2. Tomorrow's Season
  3. 3. Orbits
  4. 4. I Got a Box
  5. 5. How it Goes
  6. 6. Shores of Nazarè
  7. 7. Hung Jury
  8. 8. Trump Dump
  9. 9. We'll Keep On Meeting Till We Die
  10. 10. Room For One More

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz