Stefan Aeby

Piano Solo (Intakt Records)

Aeby, born 1979 in Switzerland, first studied at the conservatory, before taking lessons with Jean Christophe Cholet, Art Lande, Don Friedman and Marc Copland. At the same time, he studied musicology and art history at the University of Fribourg until his licentiate (2005), before completing a master’s degree in music pedagogy at the Bern University of the Arts until 2010. Since 2016 he is working on his solo recording.
Aeby led his own trio, for which he also writes and arranges. He also workes with the groups of Sarah Buechi, Daniel Schenker, Christoph Irniger’s Pilgrim, etc.

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"It is a journey that the pianist invites the listener to embark on," writes Alain drouot, jazz journalist from chicago. revealing a panorama of uncharted territories, the opener “yume” suggests that it will be well worth the trip.
Swiss pianist Stefan Aeby’s first solo piano recording is the product of three and half years of incubation and shows an understanding of what can be accomplished when taking advantage of a studio setting. whether composed or improvised, the pieces all have a common denominator. All sounds come from the acoustic piano, but they can be distorted or modified through preparation, inserting all kinds of materials inside the instrument, and/or some processing via various electronic devices. this brings out one of Aeby’s main traits: his attention to detail.
If making a distinctive statement and being forward-looking are at the forefront of Aeby’s concerns, he does not forget the tradition as witnessed by his thoughtful re-harmonization of erroll garner’s “Misty” that he complements with unobtrusive electronic flourishes.

Track Listing

  1. Song for A.

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz