Phases (Self)

dreamRoot is a band from Durham, North Carolina that came together in a time of needing some healing. Their music can be classified as political Jazz and Neo-Soul with incorporated elements from the African and European musical culture.

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Serena Wiley - Lead Vocals, Rap, Tenor Saxophone
Ittai Korman - Bass
Lynn Grissett - Trumpet
Joe MacPhail - Keys (Rhodes, Clavinet, Moog), Backup vocals
Theous Jones - Drums and Percussion

Track Listing

  1. Momentum 7
  2. Stridin
  3. Good Morning Afternoon
  4. Caught in a long goodbye
  5. Sundance
  6. Rising Sun
  7. 2am
  8. Stay
  9. Healing Beings
  10. 6858
  11. Phase is

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz