Australia born and bred, Kent O’Doherty spent time in The Netherlands and Boston before settling in Brooklyn. As an avant-garde saxophonist, he premiered over 100 new works before moving onto performing his own music and theater pieces. The focus of O’Doherty’s artistic output centers upon the narrative of people and place and how they are intimately linked. For the last decade, O’Doherty has been creating performances that have utilized various art forms to convey his personal story and structures by which society operates. Advancing and augmenting jazz’s reach and place in society.

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Kent O'Doherty

Track Listing

  1. Town Song
  2. What does the town mean to its people?
  3. Pickup Truck
  4. Virginia
  5. What was it like to grow up here?
  6. Main Street
  7. Mayor Christina
  8. Miriam
  9. Brian
  10. What was Periville like before the fire?
  11. Children and Birds
  12. Tess
  13. The Seasons
  14. Textile Factory
  15. Soda Shop
  16. Rufus
  17. What was Periville like after the fire?
  18. Reverend Carlton
  19. Corey
  20. Football Game
  21. In The Woods
  22. How do you feel when you think about all the people who have lived here?
  23. Chester, Frank and Edgar
  24. Fawn Dreaming
  25. Lullaby
  26. Old Light | New Light

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