Henk Kraaijeveld

Passengers (ZenneZ Records)

‘…sings with an inner drive that takes the listener on a journey (…) strong first album” – JazzFlits
Award winning jazz vocalist and songwriter Henk Kraaijeveld (NL) disarms his audience with his warm voice and charming stage personality. The singer brings together compelling music with strong poetic lyrics and surprising improvisations in which storytelling has a main feature. His music includes elements from classical and popular music. Kraaijeveld graduated cum laude from Utrecht Conservatory and studied at Manhattan School of Music, NYC.

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Henk Kraaijeveld - vocals
Daan Herweg - piano
Tobias Nijboer - double bass
Joan Terol Amigó - drums
Paul van der Feen - saxophones
Eran Har Even - guitar

Track Listing

  1. 01 Drowning
  2. 02 Move Ahead
  3. 03 Passengers
  4. 04 In My Hands
  5. 05 For No One
  6. 06 Treasure
  7. 07 Machine Man
  8. 08 The Imagination Of A Painter
  9. 09 Perhaps
  10. 10 Tomorrow's Voice
  11. 11 Grace

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz