Paris Rio New York (KWAZIL)

EHA (pronounced ā-ha), a band that exemplifies the multicultural music scene during the 2000s in PARIS, the capital of world music and a veritable melting pot where musicians from all continents have come together to play new and original music, a fusion of World Music, Funk and Jazz in a particularly accomplished mix of acoustic and electric sound, has released their 3rd album.

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Mike Stern, Cacau de Queiroz, Michel Alibo, Minino Garay, Leandro Aconcha, Mario Contreras, Andy Narell, Damien Schmitt, Philippe Coignet, Juan Manuel Forero, Lionel Segui, Sulaiman Hakim, Rubinho Antunes

Track Listing

  1. 1984 (fanfare)
  2. Mars
  3. Missié Didié
  4. Nuits Magnétiques
  5. 1984 (funky cover)
  6. 2 Stars in my Skies
  7. Celeste A
  8. Toronto Layover
  9. Dudatjo
  10. Plain dance
  11. Queen of my Nights

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