The May Fall Crew

Overload (ReFeel Records)

Making music since the age of seven, despite never acquiring musical education, May Fall has always aspired to educate himself. After experimenting with a wide variety of musical genres, he revived his old dream of exploring the realms of jazz-fusion, while seamlessly blending inspirations from a variety of musical domains, such as pop, electronic, world music, funk and rock. In this experience, May Fall, on piano, keyboards, and occasionally vocals, is collaborating with drummer Niv Majar and bassist Itai Tzarfati, a powerful combination bringing a highly enjoyable display of superb musicianship, The May Fall Crew.

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May Fall - piano, keyboards and vocals
Itay Tsarfati - bass
Niv Majar - drums

Track Listing

  1. Mental Maze
  2. Old Memories
  3. Mood Swinger
  4. Deflection
  5. Spaceport
  6. Indifferent
  7. Express Train
  8. Alma Oscura
  9. Time Expander
  10. Recharge
  11. Overload
  12. Oblivious to the Obvious

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