Martin Nodeland

Origins (Smeik)

Martin Nodeland (b. 1993) is featured as both a guitarist and composer in projects such as The Sky Opened Up, Martin Nodeland’s Origins, Zulu and R.A.M Trio, ensembles established during his studies in Stavanger and Oslo. With access to a broad palette of timbres and a modern rhythmic language, he has developed his own distinct musical expression.

Martin has collaborated with several other exciting artists such as Will Vinson, Simen Kiil Halvorsen, Jørgen Mathisen, Arne Martin Nybo, Roberto Bonati, Rastko Obradovic, Atle Nymo, Alexander Hoholm og Raymond Lavik.

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Martin Nodeland - Guitar

Rastko Obradovic - Saxophone

Simen Kiil Halvorsen - Trumpet

Martin Sandvik Gjerde - Piano

Alexander Hoholm - Double bass

Arne Martin Nybo - Guitar/FX

Raymond Storaunet Lavik - Drums

Jørgen Mathisen - Violin

Hanna Nicoline Moland - Violin

Iris Maidre-Aarvik - Viola

Vilde Alme - Cello

Track Listing

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Equilibrium

  3. Motif
  4. Motif Song

  5. The Third (ft. Karoline Wallace)

  6. Alexander

  7. Aeolus

  8. Rastko
  9. Origins
  10. Origins II

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