Jesse Koolhaas

Organized (Urban Waves Records)

Jesse Koolhaas is an Amsterdam-based sound designer and soundtrack composer. For this album titled Organized he gathered talented jazz musicians to help him create an organic blend of downtempo electronic music with jazz improvisations and dreamy melodic atmosphere. Organized is a spiritual journey that will transpose your senses and open a window to Jesse’s incredible inside world. Imagine looking at man-made industrial cold and rigid perfection and nature’s warm and beautiful imperfection. This album is the place where both these things unite and make good, resulting in a fresh experience and journey from start to end.

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Jesse Koolhaas - Composer/Producer/Electronics
Joost Swart - Piano/Rhodes
Joris Roelofs - Bass Clarinet
Bjørn Waling - Drums
Babak Kamgar - Ud

Track Listing

  1. About Time
  2. Cutting Room
  3. Cyan
  4. Dreamulator
  5. Fresh
  6. Rodavlas

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