Anders Helmerson Trio

Opus i (NA)

Acclaimed pianist Anders Helmerson leads bassist Lukasz Chyla and drummer Juan Meija as the Anders Helmerson Trio ahead of the anticipated release of their second album: Opus i. Its DNA intertwined through classical music, folklore, prog rock, and all that lay between, the album sees the band pay homage to those that came before while progressing jazz like no other. Unsatisfied with the genre dormant, the Anders Helmerson Trio infuse a technology and futurism inspired philosophy to bring new life to contemporary jazz.

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Anders Helmerson - Piano/Composition
Lukasz Chyla - Bass
Juan Meija - Drums

Track Listing

  1. 1. iScherzo
  2. 2. Betelgeuse
  3. 3. Surface Tension
  4. 4. The Story of Maida Hill
  5. 5. Walter-Koenig
  6. 6. Recital i
  7. 7. Ritual iDance

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