Ian McGimpsey and Harrison Argatoff

Ontario 559 West (independent)

“Ontario 559 West” is an upcoming release from Ian McGimpsey and Harrison Argatoff. Inspired primarily by Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”, this album pairs the tenor saxophone and acoustic guitar in short, precise, and heartfelt songs. The songs were developed both independently and collaboratively in February of 2020 and are an instinctive blend of the contemporary jazz and singer-songwriter idioms.

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Ian McGimpsey - Guitar
Harrison Argatoff - Saxophone

Track Listing

  1. August 28, 2018 (2:25)
  2. Can a Soul Be Bright (3:13, Ian)
  3. 39 (1:51)
  4. What Will Be Left (3:32, Ian)
  5. From the Ground (2:26)
  6. Saying Little (3:09)
  7. In Equal Measure (1:48)
  8. 42 (1:34)
  9. Late Harvest (2:29, Ian)
  10. From the Blossom (1:52)
  11. The Sun Shone Still (2:24, Ian)
  12. Paying Dearly (4:12, Ian)
  13. Guitar (2:58, Ian)
  14. Horn (1:41, Harrison)
  15. Swings (2:29, Ian)

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