Stephen Menold

On the Night Bus (Independant)

Stephen Menold was born in Victoria BC, and at 27 is now living in Montreal, Quebec. Working as a Bassist, composer/atranger Stephen’s musical career has taken him from the tip of Vancouver Island to the edge of the Gaspé Peninsula, and continues to contributes his unique sound and outlook to a variety of projects.

On the Night Bus Is a concept album that takes the listener through a night out in Montreal, while exploring the composer’s relationship with substance abuse

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Tpt Violet Hebert - Tenor Philippe Brochu-Pelettier - Drums Alex Lepanto - Piano Josh Rager - Bass Stephen Menold

Track Listing

  1. Frou Frou
  2. Chili
  3. Purson Mcferson
  4. The Writer
  5. Off Kilter
  6. Not Approved
  7. Scuffle
  8. On the Night Bus
  9. In Waiting
  10. 4AM Shuffle

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