Under The Lake

Old Friends, New Grooves (Mind In Overdrive, Inc.)

Keyboard player Jayson Tipp founded Under The Lake nearly 30 years ago. Over the past three decades Under The Lake has garnered many notable accomplishments across their first 5 releases: Dive In (1993), Up For Air (1996), People Together (2007), Jazz, Groove & Attitude (2018) and last year’s “Your Horizon Too”. Their 6th studio album includes 11 completely new, original tracks influenced by a diverse set of artists from Steely Dan, The Yellowjackets, Weather Report and the Stylistics.

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Patrick Yandall - guitar, Quintin Gerard W. - saxophone and flute, Nathan Brown - bass, Richard Sellers - drums, Jayson Tipp - keyboards

Track Listing

  1. 7AM Flight Home (4:33)
  2. Whatever You Wish For (4:15)
  3. Last Day of March (4:32)
  4. Can’t Believe It’s True (4:46)
  5. Have I Told You? (4:49)
  6. Lazy Saturday (4:28)
  7. Around The Block (4:26)
  8. Another Mother’s Day (4:56)
  9. When Autumn Comes (4:38)
  10. Silver Lining (4:29)
  11. Old Friends, New Grooves (4:36)

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