Anders Juel Bomholt

Øjeblikke Vi Husker (Hvalfugl Music)

Nordic roots meet lyrical jazz in the hands of the young Danish trio Hvalfugl. Capturing a duality between bright summer nights and autumnal melancholy, the music is simple and catchy, yet it contains a wide range of moods and deep undercurrents that leaves plenty of space for the listener to contemplate.

The trio draws heavily on Danish and Swedish folk music traditions combined with a love for the classic ECM catalogue. But they find their own distinctive sound in the tight interplay between double bass, electric guitar, piano and harmonium. A real treat for jazz and folk music lovers!

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Jeppe Lavsen - Guitar
Jonathan Fjord Bredholt - Piano, harmoium
Anders Juel Bomholt - Double bass

Lasse Jacobsen - Drums
Jakob Sørensen - Flugelhorn
Gabriella De Carvalho E Silva Fuglsig - Cello
Rebecca De Carvalho E Silva Fuglsig - Cello

Track Listing

  1. Snefald Over Fjorden
  2. Polardrømme
  3. Funklende Blikke
  4. Forglemmigej
  5. Fraktaler
  6. Under Viadukten
  7. Sommereufori
  8. Dugvåde Asfaltstriber
  9. Regnen Falder Som Sne
  10. Lysning
  11. Vandrer Mig Til Ro
  12. Hold Mig I Hænderne
  13. Der Hvor Alting Ender

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