Andy Bianco

NYC Stories (Next Level)

The double entendre of the word stories in the album’s title speaks both to the stories of life in the city, and also to the consecutive levels of a building or structure that ascend higher into the sky. But by rising further into the sky the air becomes thinner, colder & the pull of gravity becomes more dangerous-In short the environment becomes more hostile & adverse. Thus it is a metaphor for the overarching album theme of ascension through striving in the face of adversity.

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Andy Bianco - Guitar
Wayne Escoffery - Saxophone (Track 1 & 9)
Glenn White - Saxophone
George Burton - Piano
Nathan Peck - Bass
Allan Mednard - Drums (Track 1)
Wayne Smith Jr. - Drums (Track 8 & 11)
Paul Wells - Drums

Track Listing

  1. For Those Who Battle Demons
  2. Mag Lev Ride
  3. Bottom Dollar
  4. Politricks
  5. Two Ducks Crossing
  6. Ballard for Mallards
  7. Get To The Chopper
  8. The Pigeon Whisperer
  9. TSK
  10. Wild Geese
  11. Drone Battery Slows

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