Roberto Zanetti Quartet

NPU_No Prohibition Unit (Cat Sound Studio)

Roberto Zanetti [06-07-1957, Colà di Lazise (VR)] Italy He starts his musical career by playing blues, as a guitarist of small local groups In 1991, he receives the diploma in Choral Conducing at the Conservatory E F Dall’Abaco of Verona, under the supervision of the Maestro Antonio Zanon, a discipline that allows him to learn, along with the piano technique, harmony and composition At the same time he cultivates his interest in the Afro-American music and culture, by attending the “Scuola Civica Musicale” in Milan, under the guidance of Maestro Sante Palumbo, as well as seminars and specialized courses (Umbria

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Track Listing

  1. Thank you Mr. Monk 4’ 39” R. Zanetti
  2. Speakeasy 4’ 42” R. Zanetti
  3. Valvoline 4’ 49” R. Zanetti
  4. No prohibition Unit 3’ 27” R. Zanetti
  5. Bloody Mary 4’ 42” R. Zanetti
  6. Outlaw 4’ 48” R. Zanetti
  7. Invincibles 5’ 22” R. Zanetti
  8. Play it again Sam 6’18” R. Zanetti
  9. Down Jones 6’ 18” R. Zanetti
  10. Chorale for Augusto 4’ 18” R. Zanetti

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