Aaron Dolman

Nostalgia and Other Fantasies (Self-Released)

Aaron Dolman is a drummer, composer and bandleader born and based in Montreal who is rapidly establishing himself as a versatile and imaginative voice in the city’s diverse musical scene.

Aaron released his debut album, “Nostalgia and Other Fantasies”, in November of 2019. Inspired by the feelings of nostalgia that are stirred up when sifting through old family photos or driving through the Canadian prairies, Aaron weaves together two of his great musical loves – Folk and Jazz – to create songs that sway between evocative melodies, engaging improvisations and delicate soundscapes.

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Aaron Dolman: Drums
Caitlin Smith: Viola, Vocals on track 4.
Zacharie Bachand: Acoustic and Electric Guitar (right channel)
Marcus Savard-Lowry: Acoustic and Electric Guitar (left channel)
Mathieu McConnell-Enright: Bass

Track Listing

  1. Gone for a While II
  2. Willow Bunch
  3. Memory Is an Anchor
  4. Stars in a Midnight Lake (Intro)
  5. Stars in a Midnight Lake
  6. Gone for a While III
  7. Giving (With)
  8. Signs of Change
  9. Ballad for an Old Barn
  10. Old Barn (Interlude)
  11. Gone for a While
  12. Has It Been a Year, Already?
  13. Willow Bunch (Reprise)

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