Kulu Sé Mama

Nécessaire de Voyage (Dodicilune)

A jazz group originally linked to the avant-garde and to the post-Coltranean Africanism, then moves towards territories not unaware of a certain electric sound, fusion style, but with a language influenced by modernity. Spacejazz, odd rhythms, sudden trajectories, a prog soul. It maintains something transcendent and a character of ritual, something ancestral. Group in the historical sense of the term, where the unity of intent corresponds to a cohesive sound.

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Gabriele Rampino, soprano, tenor saxophones, sound design
Maurizio Bizzochetti, electric, acoustic, classical guitars
Maurizio Ripa, piano
Maurizio Manca, electric bass
Daniele Bonazzi, drums

Track Listing

  1. Wind on my Wings
  2. Answerless Questions
  3. Mimesis / Nemesis
  4. The Magician Whistler
  5. Endless Mirrors
  6. To the Forgotten
  7. They say it’s a Ballad

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz