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Sakis Zachariades is one of the current jazz-fusion guitarists in Greece. He is a masterful jazz improviser whose music generally falls somewhere between rock, fusion, and modern jazz. He started on guitar while at high school in Thessaloniki, and from 1993 Sakis studied at Musicians Institute of Los Angeles. After his return, formed many bands and played the clubs with all kinds of music. In Greece he is on the faculty at two well-known music schools in Thessaloniki sharing his knowledge with the current generation of guitarists. He has been also three times awarded in Greece for composing.

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Guitar : Sakis Zachariades
Bass: Tass Petridis
Keys, Percussion: Le Thanh Tam
Drums: Gerry Pantazis
Percussion: Alejandro Vega
Vibes: Dimitris Aggelakis
Keys: George Tzoukas
Keys, Piano: Hoai Sa
Keys: Phillipos Kostavellis
Trumpet: Costas Katsaros

Track Listing

  1. Entropia 04:31
  2. Wave matters 04:12
  3. Captain Toan 04:18
  4. Jamming Gerry 05:43
  5. Morphi 05:24
  6. Mr Miller 05:27
  7. killa Gorilla 05:12
  8. I like it Muffled 05:27
  9. You Inspire Me 03:59
  10. Inner World 07:18
  11. Social Aesthetics 04:31

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