Jonas Cambien Trio

Nature Hath Painted the Body (Clean Feed)

The music of Jonas Cambien Trio balances seamlessly between hummable songs and free improvisation, and is at the same time simple and complex, primitive and sophisticated, beautiful and rough. The trio is led by the Oslo-based pianist Jonas Cambien, who trained classically in Belgium, before he moved to Oslo to study jazz. He is supported by two players from the top-shelf of Norwegian Jazz: reedist André Roligheten, and drummer Andreas Wildhagen. The trio has previously released two critically acclaimed albums on the Portuguese label Clean Feed: A Zoology of the Future (2016), and ‘We Must Mustn’t We’ (2018)

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André Roligheten - saxophones and bass clarinet
Andreas Wildhagen - drums
Jonas Cambien - piano

Track Listing

  1. 1. Oersoep
  2. 2. 1 000 000 Happy Locusts
  3. 3. Herrieschoppers
  4. 4. Hypnos
  5. 5. Mantis
  6. 6. The Origins of Tool Use
  7. 7. Bushfire
  8. 8. Freeze
  9. 9. Yoyo Helmut
  10. 10. Tongues
  11. 11. Helium

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