Meddy Gerville

Mon Maloya (Meddy Gerville Studio La Kaz)

Meddy Gerville, talented fusion jazz pianist has came out with his 10th album titled “Mon Maloya”. Gerville’s music is special in the fact that it fuses jazz and maloya ( musical genre of his native island of Reunion/Indian Ocean). He has performed and worked with renowned musicians such as R Brecker, G Hidalgo, L Louéké, M Alibo, Nguyen Le, Damien Schmitt, Dominique DiPiazza, M Garrison, Horacio el Negro Hernandez just to name a few. Winner of the 2000 “pian’austral” Prize. He’s awarded the title of best pianist of the Indian Ocean. Mon Maloya is its art at its best.

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Meddy Gerville : piano, keyboard, voice
Michel Alibo : Doublebass/Bass
Emmanuel Felicité : Drums/percussions/sati
Yohan Saartave : bass
Cello : Eric Longsworth
Voice : Olivier Araste

Track Listing

  1. Intro mon Maloya
  2. Mon Maloya
  3. Force et courage
  4. Rode l’unité
  5. Blues dann labutasyion
  6. Ou mank amwin
  7. Zarboutan
  8. Mon Maloya ( instru)
  9. Si zèr gran matin (remix)

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