Moments and Fragments (Instru Dash Mental)

#Bloomerangs is a music collective dedicated to exploring musical genres from all around the world. The mission is to integrate different cultures and sounds as a vehicle to a universal human expression through music.

Founded in 2016 by Rodrigo Cotelo, #Bloomerangs features the core group of Stefan Lenthe in Bass, Chris Parker in Drums, Clay Wulbrecht in Piano and Rodrigo Cotelo in Guitar. #Bloomerangs also invites countless talented international musicians to its performances featuring different artists and formations that adjust to the location of the venues and the thematic genre of the events.

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Stefan Lenthe: Bass
Clay Wulbrecht: Piano, Keyboards, and Melodica
Chris Parker: Drums, and Percussion
Rodrigo Cotelo: Guitars, and Banjo

Track Listing

  1. Home (Clay Wulbrecht)
  2. Leaps and Bounces (Rodrigo Cotelo)
  3. In Some Shape or Form (R.Cotelo, C.Wulbrecht)*
  4. Untold (Rodrigo Cotelo)
  5. Catch a Clue (C.Parker, R.Cotelo)
  6. Another Melancholy Waltz (Clay Wulbrecht)
  7. After the Fact (Rodrigo Cotelo)
  8. Layers of Complexity (Rodrigo Cotelo)
  9. Change of Pace (R.Cotelo, C.Parker)
  10. S Mitchell St (Rodrigo Cotelo)
  11. Mind your F (R.Cotelo, S.Lenthe)
  12. Normality Links (S.Lenthe, R.Cotelo)
  13. That Sums it Up (Rodrigo Cotelo)

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