Zakk Jones

Mise-en-scène (Pierrot and Chair Records)

The Zakk Jones Trio is a dynamic group that fluidly blends styles as varied as modern jazz, Americana/country and fusion, often even in the same songs. Between unique arrangements of classic songs/standards and original material, the trio brings any audience a fresh listening experience that’s filled with creative improvisations. Their debut album Mise-en-Scène was released in May 2019, produced and engineered by Grammy- award winning professionals. Zakk Jones has been a fixture of the Columbus, Ohio scene, playing with such artists/bands as Doc Robinson, Popgun, Safety Squad and legendary organist Tony Monaco.

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Guitars: Zakk Jones
Upright bass: John Philip Allen
Drums & Cymbals: Ryan Folger

Track Listing

  1. Bananafish
  2. Spring In Ohio
  3. Waltz For Pumpkin
  4. Interlude (Pierrot and Chair)
  5. Black Rose
  6. Butterfly
  7. Mise-en-scène

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