Bruno Dos Santos

Mi Realidad 2 (DIAMOND MUSIC)

well this album represents beyond being the continuation of my previous album titled My Reality. On this album, I tried to consider myself in a more self-confident facet.So I decided to take a risk and show myself as I am, a person with talent, flaw, virtues and more. That is why my songs mark something for me, something indelible, something that will always remain with me.Here are some examples of these songs: Envy Kills You refers to the hatred that heaters have for me only because I encourage myself to do what I love the most and beyond not being perfect I do what I can and I know I can give more.In the case of La Autoestima I tried to raise my self-esteem and show a part of me that is somewhat inspiring and perhaps a little unknown to take my music to another level.The next song titled 20 symbolizes the age I turned this year but not only that but I tried to make a kind of reggaeton because I wanted to try a different genre than the one I’m used to And since I don’t go out to dances, what better way to make a song to dance and dance yourself.And finally we have my next song titled Unhappy: Well this song is one of the songs that I like the most on the EP because it shows a vulnerable side of me being in a relationship in which I was not happy and I did not feel myself, so according to the lyrics, From the song, things did not end well and each one did what he wanted with his life.Beyond that I loved collaborating with Emily B. Smith because she is so beautiful, she has an amazing voice, she is very talented and hopefully soon we can make another song and sing live unhappy.

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Track Listing

  1. 1- Te Mata La Envidia
  2. 2- La Autoestima
  3. 3- 20
  4. 4- Infeliz

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