Sebastian Studnitzky and the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra

Memento Odesa (XJAZZ! Music)

“Memento Odesa” by Sebastian Studnitzky and the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra

Embark on an emotional journey with composer Sebastian Studnitzky and the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra as they unveil “Memento Odesa,” a poignant modern-classical EP recorded amidst the echoes of war-torn Ukraine.

The EP’s first single, “Margolina,” narrates a love story interrupted and resumed, echoing the paradox of life in Odesa during conflict. With fluttering piano and haunting strings, the composition captures the city’s contrasting emotions, from joy to dark turmoil.

“Music has this power of communicating across borders. It can create an atmosphere where people are more emotionally open to understand and connect. As a musician, I have a responsibility to use my talent and platform in a meaningful way,” Sebastian Studnitzky.

Studnitzky, deeply connected to Ukraine, initiated this project together with Anastasiia Pokaz and the team, as a response to the Russian invasion. We are motivated by the power of action, not just words,” says Anastasiia Pokaz. “When Sebastian expressed his desire to collaborate with the Odesa orchestra, I reached out to my Ukrainian team with whom I had worked for the last eight years, producing and promoting jazz events. For everyone involved in the project realization process, it felt like a tremendous source of inspiration. In the midst of exhaustion from the current state of the situation, this recording provided a breath of fresh air – an opportunity to taste a previous life where everything was filled with music and love.”

The EP, a testament to resilience, transforms Odesa’s struggles into a musical journey. “Margolina” serves as the heart of the project, mirroring the city’s complexities during wartime.

Stay tuned for the release of “Memento Odesa,” an EP that not only tells a musical story but also amplifies the power of international collaborations in times of adversity.

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