Sebastian Studnitzky & Odesa Symphonic Orchestra

Memento Odesa (XJAZZ! Music)

Video Premiere | Sebastian Studnitzky and the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra | MEMENTO ODESA

Watch the video premiere of the MEMENTO ODESA project, as the music unites us in solidarity with Ukraine.

In the heart of war-torn Ukraine, a symphony of resilience plays on, a melody of unwavering spirit that echoes through the ruins. ‘Memento Odesa’ is a beautiful musical tribute that stands as a testament to Ukrainian strength. This project, composed by Sebastian Studnitzky and recorded with the Odesa Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Volodymyr Dikiy, captures the soul of Odesa, its past, present, and future intertwined.

The video interweaves stirring melodies, evocative imagery, and heartfelt interviews, transporting viewers into the very soul of the musical project. A symphony of contrasting emotions unfolds in ‘Memento Odesa,’ where dreamy piano melodies dance alongside haunting string sequences, lighting a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of conflict.

As the music ebbs and flows, like the waves caressing Odesa’s shores, viewers are guided through the streets of the city and into the Philharmonic Hall. Interviews with the project creators German composer Sebastian Studnitzky, Ukrainian creative producer Anastasiia Pokaz, and director Volodymyr Dikiy invite us to understand that ‘Memento Odesa’ is more than just a musical tribute; it is a powerful reminder not to forget Ukraine.

In the video, Sebastian Studnitzky stresses this point, saying, “the dangerous thing about the story is that people in Germany are starting to forget about the war and are beginning to forget to support Ukraine.” Shedding light on the potential consequences of the fading awareness, he urges us to stand with Ukraine in these challenging times.

Anastasiia Pokaz, the project’s creative producer, highlights the importance of showcasing the beauty of Odesa in the horrors of war. “We’re not just here with a musical purpose, but to show the world that we can do that, you can do that, everybody can do that,” explains Pokaz. “That it’s not as scary as we used to think about it, and that there is beautiful music happening here, beautiful people living, and great professionals performing.” Her emphasis on dispelling fears and focusing on Odesa’s beauty, even in the midst of war, creates this gripping narrative.
It culminates in the video’s conclusion—a performance of ‘Margolina,’ the first single from the EP. Take a moment to watch the video and let the symphony of resilience, beauty, and hope transport you to Odesa and witness the music of resistance.

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