My Octopus Mind

Maladyne Cave (Unsigned)

My Octopus Mind are an Experimental Rock Band drawing upon influences such as Jeff Buckley, Deerhoof, The Mars Volta, and The Blonde Redheads. They have carved a bold yet delicate sound – Part ambient introverted journeys of a wandering mind, part jagged crunchy riffs and soul-wrenching howls. The band stems from the songs, drive, and vision of guitarist/vocalist Liam O’Connell who brings intricate, explosive guitar parts into contrast with sweeping, weeping and at times raging vocals. Double bassist Izy Ellis, brings fuzz, filth, and haunting grace in equal measure.

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Track Listing

  1. PinP
  2. Anundena
  3. Bucking Fecuz
  4. Welder
  5. Elska
  6. Need No Other Lovin
  7. My Dystopia
  8. Mocha Narwhal
  9. Come Through Me Now

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