Alvin Davis

Make A Stance (Hornblower Productions)

Alvin’s music combines an array of influences from Smooth Jazz and Reggae to Soul, R&B, House and modern pop The result is a truly unique sound that takes from each of these genres without being defined by any one
Alvin always brings a signature soul to the saxophone, in any setting

Alvin’s latest album ‘Make a Stance’ sees him at the top of his game, delivering soulful sax melodies amidst a lush backdrop of rhythms and beats ‘Make a Stance’ showcases an artist that is constantly evolving his craft

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Alvin Davis -, Saxophone Trumpet flute vocal production and arrangment.

Track Listing

  1. Stomp
  2. Cool Skool
  3. Walk In The Night
  4. Force Of Habit
  5. Im Coming Home
  6. Out Of The Box
  7. Freedom Reign
  8. Just Us.
  9. Giving Up To the Feeling
  10. Make A Stance
  11. The Ride To Love
  12. Speak To Me

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz