William Soovik Grand Finale

Major (Abrovinsch Records)

William Soovik Grand Finale is the creation of drummer and composer William Soovik. The band in its current shape, started in mid-2017, initially as an attempt for the band-leader to try and work his way out of an especially boring gig-drought. They released their debut album “Rustik Musik” in mid 2018 and have been going on ever since. The album was met with great reviews, and was among other things chosen as “Record of the Day” in one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Dagens Nyheter. New album Major was just released! Check it out!!

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William Soovik - Drums/Compositions/Voice
Malin Wättring - Tenor Sax
Signe Lykkebo Dahlgreen - Tenor Sax
Joel Fabiansson - Guitar
Viktor Reuter - Bass

Track Listing

  1. Hej Kom å Hjälp Mig
  2. Fanfar
  3. Hampus & Anna
  4. Mahattiss
  5. Host To Two Parts
  6. Major
  7. Sober Dignity
  8. Bara En Melodi
  9. Super Soupy
  10. Valsen
  11. Hej Kom å Hjälp Mig (Repris)

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