Louder than I `m used to (Drabant music)

With courage, creativity and love of improvisation and experimentation the three musicians Julie Falkevik Tungevåg, Ellen Brekken and Marius Trøan Hansen give us FALKEVIK. A Norwegian piano trio that mixes the nordic jazz touch with quirky and elegant melodies that will linger in your ear. The songs move confidently between singer-songwriter-aestetics, lyrical instrumental passages, riff-based solos and the flexibility of a jazz-trio. Julie is actively working with extending the piano pallet by integrating live electronics and effects in her pianoplaying – and this give the trio a more electronic vibe.

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Julie Falkevik Tungevåg - piano, vocal, electronics
Ellen Brekken - upright bass, electric bass, electronics
Marius Trøan Hansen - drums, electronics

Track Listing

  1. Castle
  2. Sing to me
  3. You ask
  4. Detour
  5. Walk away
  6. Little Prince
  7. Louder than I ´m used to
  8. Kvite slott

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