Aimee Nolte

Looking For the Answers (Aimee Nolte Music)

LOOKING FOR THE ANSWERS, the newest album by AIMEE NOLTE, is a compelling showcase for this multi-talented artist’s first-rate vocal, piano, and compositional skills. Nolte is a successful YouTube creator with over 140,000 subscribers, where she shares her music and educational ideas, such as harmony, arranging, and advanced jazz piano technique. LOOKING FOR THE ANSWERS consists of several of Nolte’s original compositions as well as three reimagined standards. An accomplished arranger, Nolte expands her already substantial musical vocabulary by using orchestral-type scoring for woodwind instruments on a couple of tracks.

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Aimee Nolte vocals, piano, organ, synth bass
John Clayton bass (7)
Bruce Lett bass (1, 2, 3, 5, 10)
James Yoshizawa drums
Mike Scott guitar (2, 3, 5, 10)
Jason Neubauer guitar (1)
Doug Webb woodwinds (1)
John Reilly woodwinds (6)

Track Listing

  1. The Loveliest Girl 4:15
  2. Looking for the Answers 6:57
  3. Falling Snow 4:57
  4. This One Hurts 4:44
  5. I Gotta Get 4:45
  6. Save Me One Last Time 4:50
  7. Bye Bye Blackbird 7:13
  8. All Too Soon 4:51
  9. So In Love 3:41
  10. You Should’ve 4:45
  11. For a While 2:31

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