Joe Dyson

Look Within (Independent)

Spirituality has been a major theme in drummer/composer Joe Dyson’s work. Dyson thrives at the intersection of the church, traditional study and apprenticeship. This trinity, combined with sounds and sights from touring the world, has culminated a stunning debut album. LOOK WITHIN is an emotional and introspective journey that allows us a glimpse into the mind of Joe Dyson.

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Joe Dyson - Composer; Drums: Percussion ( TR 6,10) SPD SX Pad (TR 2,9)
Stephen Gladney- Tenor Saxophone
Stephen Lands - Trumpet
Oscar Rossignoli - Piano & Rhodes (TR 6)
Jasen Weaver- Acoustic Bass
Daniel Sadownick - Percussion (TR 6, 7)
L.E. - Vocals (TR 6)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Fleeting Fate
  2. 2. Naysayers
  3. 3. Pious Walk
  4. 4.Forever Changed
  5. 5. Lost Trails of the Infidel
  6. 6. Look Within feat. L.E.
  7. 7. Great Spirit
  8. 8. Forward
  9. 9. Come to Thee
  10. 10. Rhythm-A-Ning

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