Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps

Long Time Ago Rumble (Ropeadope Records)

Matthew Steckler, aka Matty Stecks, performs and composes in several musical settings internationally. Since Fall 2017, he is on the faculty in Jazz & Contemporary Popular Music at the renowned Brandon University School of Music in Canada. Primarily a saxophonist/woodwind specialist, he also performs on vocals, keyboards, percussion and electronic media, bringing a dynamic, holistic approach to the live musical experience. His Musical Tramps project on Ropeadope Records is a research-based exploration in jazz, popular, film and electroacoustic music idioms. He has also received recognition for leading the projects Dead Cat Bounce and Persiflage.

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Matt Steckler - winds, keys, vocals, EFX, compositions
Keith Price - guitars
Matt Kozicki - basses
Eric Platz - drums and percussion
special guests: Jeff Presslaff (piano/keys); Leanna Zacharias (cello); Cathy Wood (clarinet); Lenya Wilks, Hannah Fearn & Megan Demarest (vocals)

Track Listing

  1. LTAR I: Invocation
  2. Siddhartha
  3. LTAR II: The Gathering
  4. MB Blues
  5. LTAR III: Good & Evil
  6. Modern Preternatural Rumble
  7. LTAR IV: Pugilism
  8. Heads or Tails
  9. LTAR V: Ritualism
  10. Begging the Beguine
  11. LTAR VI: Phases
  12. Wish
  13. LTAR VII: Antiquity (Peace)
  14. The Sloth
  15. LTAR VIII: Counter Culture
  16. Feel My Way Forward
  17. Shape of Rumbles to Come
  18. LTAR IX: Isolation
  19. Somersault of the Earth

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