Peter Slavov

“Little Stories” (Peter Slavov Music)

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Peter Slavov - bass
John Ellis - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Mark Small - bass clarinet
Matt Marantz - tenor saxophone
Nitzan Gavrieli - piano
Dan Kaufman - piano
Mark McLean - drums
Diego Ramirez - drums
Mi Kim - voice
Marcio Philomena - guitar

Entcho Todorov - violin
Patti Kilroy - violin
Jen Herman - viola
Yves Dharamraj - cello

All music written and arranged by Peter Slavov

Track Listing

  1. Prologue: Glide
  2. Gone
  3. Small Little Things
  4. Photos
  5. Bye
  6. History Of Beauty
  7. Ghost
  8. In Defense Of The Minotaur
  9. A.M.
  10. Elegy

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