Melvin Johnson

Little Red Wagon (Sincerely Yours Music)

Blessed with the innate ability to express deep feeling and emotion through live performance, as well as recording, Melvin Johnson has truly become the Evolution and Revolution of Jazz! Houston-born Pianist Melvin Johnson has benefited from extensive studies in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Soul and R&B. As the owner of a corporate band (Sincerely Yours Music), touring experimental-Jazz Quartet (The Electro-Akoustic) and a thriving Career as Artist, Music Director and Producer, Melvin Johnson is well-suited to handle whatever music situation that comes his way.

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Melvin Johnson - piano/keyboards/synth/drum programming/bass/vocals
Darryl Singleton - aux percussion
Tim Ruiz - bass
Josh Dunham - bass
Eric Elder – bass
Kerry Mike – bass
Robert Darrett – drums
Pat Williams – drums
James Murphy - flute
Jose Francisco Pérez Colón - violin
James Murphy – sax
Dave Connor – upright bass
Moshea Johnson – vocals
Gavin Johnson - vocals

Track Listing

  1. To Pop (The Explanation)
  2. Perspective
  3. So Simple
  4. Beyond the Glass
  5. Black Curtain
  6. Extension
  7. Little Red Wagon
  8. Little Red Wagon (Reprise)
  9. To Moshea (Interlude)
  10. Over and Over (Featuring Moshea Johnson)
  11. Black Bacon Funk
  12. Good Night Gavin

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz