François Bourassa

L’Impact Du Silence (Effendi Records (Distributed by NAXOS))

Too often in music, the importance of silence is overlooked. When used wisely, silence can be emotional and poetic. François Bourassa’s 10th album L’Impact du Silence is about the powerful impact that silence has on listeners. His first solo recording in a 35-year career, this album lays it all bare. This collection of piano pieces is a musical adventure that combines improvisation, lyricism, and abstraction and features integrity and emotion as the main themes.

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François Bourassa - piano, composition
Gérard de Haro - recording engineer

Track Listing

  1. 1. Small Head
  2. 2. Blues Masqué
  3. 3. Triadique
  4. 4. Interlude Y
  5. 5. Gaspard
  6. 6. Interlude X
  7. 7. Remous part 1
  8. 8. Interlude Z
  9. 9. Andante
  10. 10. Arch 65
  11. 11. La Buissonne
  12. 12. KVQ
  13. 13. Musique pour Film
  14. 14. Épilogue 1983

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